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Mississippi LifeTracks is designed to help meet data needs for reporting requirements and to answer critical policy questions relevant to education, workforce, and economic development. Moving the state beyond patchwork data sharing, Mississippi LifeTracks is an interoperable data system that securely and efficiently facilitates research and analysis and provides linkages between early childhood, K-12, postsecondary education, and the workforce. Mississippi LifeTracks will enhance the ability of the state, local school districts, schools, and teachers to make data-driven decisions for student improvement. It will also enhance the state’s ability to link, match, and share education and workforce data leading to an enriched ability within the state to improve career-readiness outcomes and enhance success in the economy.

Board Members
Patrick Sullivan - Chair
State Workforce Investment Board
Robert G. "Bob" Anderson
Executive Director
MS Department of Human Services
Nathan “Burl” Cain
MS Department of Corrections
Bill Cork
Executive Director
MS Development Authority

Daniel Edney
State Health Officer
MS State Department of Health
Chris Howard
Executive Director
MS Department of Rehabilitation Services
Raymond C. Morgigno
Interim State Superintendent of Education
MS Department of Education

Alfred Rankins, Jr.
Commissioner of Higher Education
MS Institutions of Higher Learning
Andrea Sanders
State Early Childhood Advisory Council
Kell Smith
Executive Director
MS Community College Board

William J. “Bill” Ashley
Executive Director
MS Department of Employment Security
Valmadge Towner
President of Mississippi Association of Community Colleges
Coahoma Community College, President
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